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Monday, September 2, 2013

25 Years! How did we do it and how can we keep doing it?

September 3, 2013 is mine and Randy's 25th Wedding Anniversary!  What an amazing trip this has been so far!  We have been truly blessed!

Last weekend my aunt and uncle threw us an anniversary party.  We were so honored to have them do this for us.  We were so blessed to have so many friends and family celebrate with us.  Some traveled hours to be there for us.  How humbling is that!  Our parents were there, a foster sister that was in our wedding and whom we haven't seen since the wedding, a cousin from Alabama that I hadn't even since before we got married, aunts and uncles and cousins from NW Ohio that we hadn't seen in years, and many new and old friends from the area.  Lots of kind comments and congratulations from others who were unable to make it.  I felt very special and loved!

One question we keep getting is 'what is our secret to 25 years'?  Randy and I have reflected on this the past year leading onto this.  I go back to Ephesians 5:21-33.  God's instruction to a couple and their Godly role in the marriage.

Early on, the contention in our relationship was evident.  Power struggles and lack of confidence in who each of us were and who we were supposed to be. We were young! We were still growing up (okay, we still are).  But we continued to work on our marriage.  We got involved in a church and we began to let God be a focal point in our lives.  I began praying for Randy.  Praying that God would raise him up to be the man He wanted him to be and the husband that He had created for me.  I knew we were sole mates. I knew he was the man that God had intended for me to marry.  Now I prayed that God would do His thing.  I also prayed that God would change me to be the wife He wanted me to be and the wife that Randy needed.

What I saw happen was a Godly man develop.  A man who became the head of the household.  A man who took charge of the family.  A man who developed a love for his wife that was deeper than one could imagine.  I also developed the same deep love for my husband.  I found that God was developing a man that supported me unconditionally.  A man who supported and trusted his wife to travel weekly and support her and many times hold her up from a far when challenges and doubt seeped in.  I became his prized possession.  He started treating me like a princess.  I, in return, learned to treat him as my prince.  As the head of the household.  What happened was the contention diminished. The fights ceased. Peace reigned in our house and relationship.  I began to understand what God intended in Ephesians.  I didn't lose my identity!  Randy supports and encourages who I am!  I support Randy and let him be who he is!  We now work as a team!

Do we still have disagreements?  Sure!  But now we don't let anger rule our actions.  I actually start giggling each time we start to have 'discussions'. I can't fight with him!  I love him too much to waste energy on arguing!  We RESPECT each other!  

This is ALL GOD!  I pray that anyone reading this seeks out a relationship with Christ!  Once He is your Savior then He can begin to do work in your relationship if you just let Him!

Randy, I love you more today than yesterday and I know that I will love you even more tomorrow! I look forward to seeing what God will do in the next 25 years and where He will take us! The journey has just begun!

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